Cyprus Passports To Be Revoked From Past Investors

In November 2019, Cyprus embarked on a legal process to revoke citizenship from certain individuals, following public news reports on several corrupt investors who have previously been approved under the citizenship by investment programme. On 24 June 2020, the Cypriot cabinet approved a number of legal amendments which would allow authorities to retrospectively revoke citizenship for up to 10 years. 

The Cypriot Government confirmed that 26 investors would be stripped of their Cypriot nationality. It is thought that Jho Low, the Malaysian fugitive, is amongst this number. He is said to have acquired a Cypriot passport shortly after the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal broke in exchange for a €5 million investment (the minimum threshold for the programme is €2million).

According to Cyprus Property News, the new bill gives the authorities the right to revoke citizenship of an investor who “is handed a jail sentence of more than five years in any country”, “if they are wanted by Interpol or Europol”, “if they do not comply with the criteria and additional preconditions set out, or subject to international sanctions”.

The announcement of the cabinet’s approval of the bill was questioned by legal experts in relation to the handling of personal data and compliance with GDPR. It is also thought that it will not be an easy process to revoke the citizenship of the above 26 individuals as a number of them are prepared to fight the decision in court.

Cyprus remains one of the few EU countries offering a full EU passport in exchange for straightforward investment without strict requirements on residency. Other member states have always questioned the credibility of the programme and Cyprus has been under scrutiny in the past regarding who has been allowed to acquire their passport. Under the new rules, Interior Minister Nicos Nouris confirmed that there will be tougher due diligence checks and that “the new regulations no longer leave the program open to ridicule, as some have done in the recent past, and leave no doubt as to its credibility”. The number of citizenships issued under the scheme will be capped at 700 per annum.

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