Risk Assessment

By                    : Diana du Bruyn 

Date                : July 2020, revised August 2020

Abbreviations :  Social distancing  SD

Circumstance / Situation/ Event Risk Should we avoid this?  Can we avoid it?  If not do it differently What are we doing already to minimize risk What can we do to minimize risk further?What do we need to do to implement further measures Who is going to do this and by when.  Has this been done?
Travel To workRisk of infection if unable to follow 2m SDCannot avoid Staggering start and end time.  Core working hours are 10-3, this enables employees to travel outside of peak times if necessary of 10-3Provide masks Purchase masks Done
Employee feeling ill Risk of infection to other employees Advising employees not to come into the office if they are not feeing well, or to go home if they do not feel well  Advise employees to stay at home if not well Done
Client feeling ill Risk of infection  Signage requesting people not to enter workplace if not feeling well  Done
IT TasksRisk of infection if IT personnel work at employees work stations Avoid as much as possible by logging on to employees computers remotely Logging on to employees computers remotely , only approach workstations where absolutely necessary Provide gloves and masks and antibacterial wipes.Ask employee to move away from their desk while IT staff provide supportPurchase Gloves, wipes and masks Done
Client in officegreeting the client directing client client in meetingRisk of infection if unable to follow 2m SDCannot avoid Maintaining 2m SDUsing hand sanitisersHave signage Put up signage asking people not to enter the offices if they do not feel wellDone 
Kitchen Risk of infection if unable to follow 2m SDAvoid using kitchen, use less Have only one person in Kitchen at a timeProvide paper coffee cups etc.  Recommend staff bring food which does not require the use of the kitchen Paper cupsSugar sachetsStirrersBottled water Done 
EntrancesRisk of infection if unable to follow 2m SD  Use swipe cards to gain access Use hand sanitiserPut up signage Done  
LiftsRisk of infection if unable to follow 2m SD Avoid lifts if possible: use stairs Avoiding lifts Use hand sanitiser on entering the office.  
CopiersRisk of infection if unable to follow 2m SD Cannot avoid altogether can minimize by working as paperless as possibleTrying to work as paperless as possible Only one person at the copier station at a time.Use antibacterial wipes to wipe controls after use Signage Antibacterial wipes in place Do signageAntibacterial wipes available 
PrintersRisk of infection if unable to follow 2m SD Cannot avoid altogether can minimize by working as paperless as possibleTrying to work as paperless as possibleOnly one person as a printer at a time.  Have antibacterial wipes at all times SignageAntibacterial wipes Do signageAntibacterial wipes available
Physical FilesPossible risk of multiple people using same file Can avoid by having minimal people working on the same file Have single people work on a physical file or bundle  Work paperless as much as possible  
PostPossible risk of multiple people working on the post Can avoid by having minimal people working with the post Have a single person work on the post Work paperless as much as possible.  
Deliveries and CouriersPossible risk of infection if courier is illCan avoid by asking people who are ill not to enter the office Can maintain a 2m SDUse hand sanitiser after accepting deliveryPut up signage   
ReceptionPossible risk of infection if receptionists are unable to maintain a 2m SD or use the same equipmentCan avoid by having one receptionist at a time and by receptionists using different phones and equipment Receptionists have their own equipment.Regularly use hand sanitiser. Have only one receptionist at a time   
Desks and personal equipmentPossible risk of infection if people share desksCan avoid by not permitting people to share work stations Each person has own work station.Maintain cleaning of each work station  No hot-desking permitted at present. Maintain cleaning 
Office meetings Risk of infection of people being unable to maintain 2m SDCan avoid risk if meetings are held such that 2m SD is possible Have meetings in open areas if possible If not possible to have meeting in open area, hold meeting in rooms large enough to accommodate the 2m SD   

To be reviewed in October 2020 or if Government Guidance changes