Who We Are

Our history

The provision of legal services in today’s dynamic global environment is growing ever more complex, with individuals and corporate entities invariably struggling to find one single firm to meet their increasingly diverse requirements.

Discreet Law was established to serve as its clients’ general counsel, with expert consultants able to assist with any legal matter that may arise. Discreet Law manages the entire process for the client, who may have multiple matters that require a broad range of expert advice.

Our clients’ interests are broad spectrum, ranging from secondary citizenship applications to international arbitration. In the last four years our client base has continued to grow and our services increase in complexity and global footprint.

Discreet Law boasts considerable linguistic expertise and an extensive network of international connections. We offer clarity and support in navigating unfamiliar legal systems; delivering practical, cost effective advice and creating innovative solutions to complex legal matters.

We have become our clients most trusted confidant. Ensuring that our clients’ interests are resolved in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Why Discreet Law is different

We aim to save our clients time so they can be free to pursue other interests.

We coordinate the legal process and ensure that there is a consistency of instructions and advice to our clients by their various advisors.

We are able to refer our clients to the appropriate experts.

We monitor progress.

Other than immigration and related advice, we are not tied to any particular law firm.

Why we started Discreet Law

Clients requiring legal services in the UK will naturally seek the best advice they can get. No one law firm has the requisite talent to advise on all areas in this complicated and diversely regulated world.

The natural path a client will follow will be to utilise the first legal advisor that gains their confidence for all their affairs.

This often creates a tension with the advisor who is usually duty bound or legally obliged to use the lawyers in their firm, even if they are not the most suitable for the task.